What is shutterspeed?

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Shutterspeed is simply the speed of the shutter measured in 1/n second when you press the button on your DSLR.

Based on the lighting conditions at the time you are photographing, deciding on aperture( meaning long depth of field, or shallow depth of field), subject, ISO will help determine shutterspeed.

As an example:

1.(ISO/1660 f/18 1/1000 sec)   lightbulb http://metalprintdesigns.com/featured/lightbulb-david-weeks.html

2.(ISO/1660 f/29 1/500 sec)     solar2 http://metalprintdesigns.com/featured/solar-2-david-weeks.html

3.(ISO/1660 f/20 1/200 sec)   cypress reflections http://metalprintdesigns.com/featured/cypress-reflections-david-weeks.html

As you will see in example 1, the lighting conditions along with the ISO and aperture(f/18) setting, allowed me to photograph the subject at 1/1000 sec. 

By photographing in a high shutterspeed, it allows for a sharper image. I chose the higher aperture settings for longer depth of field and focus of the shot. The higher ISO brightens up the image which is a more dense image bringing out the detail without the noise because of the higher ISO.

If you photograph in a slower shutter, be sure to use a tripod. Experiment with different shutterspeeds , apertures, and ISO settings.